Thule DockGrip

Thule DockGrip
Thule DockGripThule DockGripThule DockGripThule DockGripThule DockGrip
Cena 160.00 Eur
Pievienot grozam

A versatile, horizontal kayak carrier with large cushioned, flexible pads that conform to a large range of hull shapes as well as SUPs.

Kravnesība (kg)
Izmēri (cm)
20 x 10 x 20 cm
Svars (kg)
Gumijas aizsargs siksnu sprādzēm
Siksnu garums
2x400 cm
Saderība ar SquareBar
Saderība ar WingBar
  • Can carry a variety of hull shapes as well as SUPs with two independent pivoting saddles with angle-setting lever
  • Protects the hull with large, flexible, cushioned pads
  • Easily secure the kayak or SUP using the center load straps with car-protective buckle bumpers
  • Including T-track attachment
  • Accommodates kayaks and SUPs up to 90 cm wide and 40 kg
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